The Helper’s Son is an exhilarating and suspenseful novel about race, culture and identity.

The story is about the child of a domestic worker, Jongikhaya, who was born black but raised white by his mother’s employers.

Growing up in an apartheid system in South Africa, Jongikhaya revelled in his shifting consciousness; often fluctuating between the comfort of a well-manicured lawn in an opulent suburb in Cape Town, to the fast and furious life in Gugulethu’s dusty streets.

Over the years, his blackness became more accentuated, causing his two worlds to collide. Disenchanted, Jongikhaya veered on a dangerous path of resentment and despondency, turning against everyone that loved him.

A tragic family killing plunged him into an abyss of despair. In his quest to find meaning, Jongikhaya embarked on a sojourn across the seas, to a foreign land.

Never one for good omens, a combination of a forfeited scholarship, a tangled love affair and a strange encounter on a bus to work someday, would see him return home to confront his demons.


About The Author

Ayodeji Olaifa is an esteemed and well-travelled professional in the banking industry who enjoys telling stories that impact the world. He’s also the author of Unjani Mfwethu – The Story of a Migrant in South Africa.

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Print ISBN 978-1-7764020-5-2