This book will help you understand the role that you need to play as a senior pastor or, where applicable, media leader, in transitioning your physical organization into the digital space. The shift in a leader’s mind has to move from being a physical organization with some digital locations to becoming a digital organization with some physical locations.

This does not mean the physical organization becomes of lesser importance than before or is being replaced by the online Church. What it means is that the physical Church as we know it has to be digitized in order for members and visitors to have access to the physical Church from their mobile devices, anywhere in the world. Becoming a digital organizer does not mean that we need to replace the physical Church, it means that we need to provide easier access to the physical Church, from any distance.

You will also better understand ‘the Six Ds to acceleration’ because of digitization, how to set up your organization internally to handle the technological change, and how to scale your organization externally to reach untapped markets that you may have been unable to reach before.

The Exponential Church provides guidelines to know what to do and how to approach the changes needed to take your church on the journey to incredible change for good. Be assured, that technology is not something you need to fear but something you need to understand.

Pastor, leader, or Christian—if you are ready to embrace and get wisdom and understanding so that you and your ministry can be promoted, then let’s not waste any more time. Let your digitization journey begin!

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Aidan Jeffery is the author of God’s Financial Secrets, Unless The Seed, Born To Prosper, and Born To Prosper 90 Day Devotional Journal.

He lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife, Sharon and their three children Matthew, Jonathan, and Sarah. Aidan has been involved in ministry and full-time ministry for 30 years and pastors CRC Cape Town under the leadership of Pastor At Boshoff, the Founder and Senior Pastor of CRC international.

Aidan loves educating and inspiring other authors, Christians, and entrepreneurs to succeed in life and to live a life of purpose to fulfil their dreams.

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