It’s no secret that publishers will work with you if your content is worth their time and will bring a good return on investment. Before you approach a publisher, get all your ducks in a row with an outstanding proposal convincing them why they should publish your book – only the exceptional will be chosen!

Here are some five useful tips on getting publishers to notice you:

1. Find out if there are any book fairs, book launches, exhibitions or other related events and attend those regularly. This is a great opportunity to network with other authors, publishers or booksellers in an informal manner, just to break the ice. Remember, people do business with those they trust, so start by building good relationships and getting a better understanding of the industry.

2. You need to be able to sell yourself well, so always be ready to pitch your book idea or proposal in 30 seconds. The better you sell yourself, the higher the chances of them responding to your request. Answer these three crucial questions: Who are you? Why should they publish your book? Why do you want to publish through them?

3. Besides networking and approaching a publisher directly, you can start off by giving good reviews on some new titles they’ve released or promote their books on public platforms. That way you’ll prove that you’re the perfect brand advocate for their books.

4. Start your own blog or offer to write blogs for their website to show off your writing skills. This is an excellent way to sneak your way in and connect with commissioning editors who might be willing to offer you a chance or connect you to other publishers.

5. Speak to local bookstores in your area to gain insight on top-sellers and their buying cycle. For more in-depth and personalised support, look for a publishing agent to guide you on the publishing process and help you find a suitable publisher for your book.

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