Miserable and drained by living with a skin condition that is viewed as unwelcome and bizarre, Baholo Maieane, by virtue of how her condition is perceived, walks around with the belief that she is a lesser human. She holds tightly to the idea that her flaws are what define her worth.

Now challenged by the downsides of living with this reality, she becomes torn between what her skin condition has been constructed to be and how to redefine and restructure how she views herself as an individual.

After she meets with Thabo, a good but flawed friend, Baholo’s perceptions become further challenged as she realises what it takes to develop a thicker skin.

About the author

Limpho Sechele is a Mosotho girl and a first-time writer. She was born in November 2001 and was raised in Mohale’s Hoek district Lesotho.

She is currently a Dental Therapy student in Maseru and is passionate about writing and inspiring others.