A proud and precious moment for our author, Winnie Marutle Joseph who got to share her first children’s book, Naledi’s World of Wonder with the beautiful little hearts at St Martin’s School in Johannesburg.

She also explained the publishing journey with these little ones as a lot of them are aspiring authors!

Naledi’s World of Wonder is about is about a girl and her parrot who are thankful for the simplest things in life such as their family, toys, books, school and food on the table. The main characters are Naledi and Pooki and they live in Lenara Village. This book teaches young ones the art of gratitude and crucial values that inspire love, kindness and joy.

One of the learners in Grade 3 said this about the book, “I liked the story because Naledi and Pooki were thankful for all they have.”

“Seeing the kid’s faces light up, hearing what they are thankful for, listening to their stories, how excited the girls were seeing themselves represented in the book and their big hugs made my heart so full.” – Winnie Marutle Joseph

Inspire your little ones by taking them on a world of wonder with Naledi and Pooki!

Get your print and digital copies from the following outlets: Takealot, Amazon and VitalSource.

Print ISBN: 9780620966108
eText ISBN: 9780620996730